Hey there! I'm Lizzie

A Certified Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and Certified Personal Trainer. 

Learn how I can help Heal Your Gut

Hey there! I'm Lizzie

A Certified Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and Certified Personal Trainer. 

Learn how I can help Heal Your Gut

I've got a lot to show you. 

Take a look below to see exactly what is included in the 'Heal Your Gut' 8-week Online Course.

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Have you ever wondered what it means to have a Healthy GUT?


Personally, I have had a wide array of gut problems anywhere from:

  • Constant Bloating 
  • Constipation
  • Food Sensitivities + Allergies
  • Hashimoto's disease
  • High Candida Levels

Because of that, I went on a mission to help and heal my gut, and I'm thrilled to say I have been able to heal so many of these issues!

Now I have created an 8 week Gut Health deep dive course so you too can understand how to help and heal your gut! 


My goal with this course is to help provide resources and sup for every stage of your journey.  I know how hard it was for me to regain control of my health alone and I want to help empower you to be successful and happy! 

See what's included inside of the 8 week Gut Health course below:

Week 1:  Understanding your digestion anatomy

Learn the basics of digestion and how poop can be a valuable tool to your gut health!


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Week 2:  

Learn how your stomach functions and the important role of HCL in your stomach for proper nutrient absorption. 

Week 3:  Love your liver

Learn how important the livers role is to your gut and how to take care of your liver. 

Week 4:  Utilize the power of enzymes

Learn about enzymes and how they effect your health and the connection to your digestive system. 

Week 5: Prebiotics, Probitoics, & Supplements

Learn the importance of pre and probiotics, how to first get them from foods and second from supplements. 

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Week 6:  Food sensitivities / Allergies

Learn the difference between sensitivities and allergies and how to navigate healing from these issues. 

Week 7:   Fiber & Micronutrients and how to use them

Learn how to incorporate the benefits of fiber and micronutrients into your nutrition for better gut health. 

Week 8: Hormones & Thyroid Health

Learn how hormone imbalances and thyroid can effect your health and how they are directly connected to your gut health. 

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What to expect 

Each week you will get a video lesson as well as a homework assignment.  The purpose of this course is not to just educate you but also give you steps that you apply to start healing your body and gut. 

I follow this format because 70% of our illnesses and diseases start within the gut.  So it is crucial to help the gut function optimally.  

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My story is not unique...

As a busy, working, mother I just thought feeling exhausted and overwhelmed was part of the experience.  I followed every diet and worked out as hard as possible, but I felt horrible. It wasn't until I was able to shift my mindset and begin healing from the inside-out that I finally gained control of my health.

Client success stories

Meriam's story 

"For years I struggled with indigestion and chronic constipation unknowingly because having a bowel movement once or twice a week was normal to me. Only a couple years ago I discovered that, that is not normal. So I stuck a bandaid on the issue by taking things to help me go at least once a day but it wasn't actually healing the root cause of my problem. I got pretty desperate for help when I hardly had any energy whatsoever and for sure no motivation of any kind....Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lizzie, for empowering me and equipping me to love a joy filled life again!!! You're so so amazing at what you do!!!

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